Holy Family School
338 East 16th Street
Covington, KY 41014
Phone: (859) 581-0290
Principal: Beth Vieth
Secretary: Mrs. Peggy Norris
Email: evieth@holyfamilycovington.org

In 1988, Bishop Howard and St. Benedict Schools merged to form Holy Family School. The school is sponsored by the Cathedral Parish, Our Savior Parish, and St. Benedict Parish. The purpose of the school is to prepare children to live and practice the Catholic way of life now and in the future. As a Catholic school, it embraces Christian values. The school is K - 8.

Holy Family School is dedicated to providing the opportunity of a Christian education to al! residents of the east side ot Covington and provides tuition assistance to families in need.

HOLY FAMILY CATHOLlC SCHOOL INTER­PAROCHIAL BOARD OF EDUCATION is made up of parishioners and staff from the three parishes. Each summer, St. Benedict elects one  new member to the board.

HOLY FAMILY CATHOLlC SCHOOL PARENT TEACHER ORGANIZATION (PTO) has the mission to support the administration, faculty and parents of children who attend Holy Family SchooI. The organization thrives to maintain open lines of communication among these groups and to provide financial support through fundraising. Their efforts provide funds to enhance the children's education with activities such as field trips, plays, honor breakfast, and to provide scholarships to continue their Catholic education in high school.

HOLY FAMILY SPORTS COMMITTEE works with the School Principal to coordinate and financially support athletic activities. The committee sets up for games, coordinates workers tor the door, sets up leagues. Members clean up after weekend games, order drinks, and buy snacks.